Once again… the South leads the nation in officer deaths

In a recent report conducted by the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund, a disturbing trend was uncovered.  Although the past year saw an increase in police officer “in the line of duty” deaths, there was a sharp spike in firearms related deaths. The 153 to 173 increase (a 13% rise) that occurred from 2010 to 2011 includes a 15% increase in deaths that resulted from gunfire. This was the greatest increase in over fourteen years. Even more disturbing is the fact that, since 2008, there has been a 70% increase in police officer deaths as result of gunfire.

The states with most fatalities include Florida, which leads the nations (14) led the nation, Texas (13), New York (11), California (10) and Georgia (10). In total, more than a third of the police officer deaths that occurred in 2011 can be found in these states.

Of the 172 officers killed in 2011, 68 of them were killed by gunfire.


# Officers Killed

attempting to arrest suspects


responding to domestic disturbance calls


shot while handling mentally deranged persons


tactical/hostage/barricaded offender situations


handling/transporting and custody of prisoners


traffic pursuits


Included in the latest research is a fact that should concern every officer.  That fact centers around the number 27 – which is the number of officers who died as a result of “physically-related” reasons.  This includes heart-attacks and physical stress due to undiagnosed illnesses and/or poor physical health.  Maintaining adequate physical health is a vital part of the law enforcement profession, and every officer should work toward improving his or her physical health.

To read more of the NLEOMF report, please click here.

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